Shiva Consultancy Group: Championing Agri-Startups for a Sustainable Future

In the rapidly evolving landscape of agriculture, the role of innovation and entrepreneurship cannot be overstated. Recognizing this, the Government of India, under the visionary leadership of the Department of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare (DA&FW), has launched a robust initiative to nurture the agri-startup ecosystem. The “Innovation and Agri-Entrepreneurship Development” program, part of the Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY), is a testament to the government’s commitment to revolutionizing agriculture through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Since its inception in 2018-19, this initiative has made significant strides in supporting agri-startups across the country. With the appointment of 5 Knowledge Partners (KPs) and 24 RKVY Agribusiness Incubators (R-ABIs), a solid foundation has been laid for training, mentorship, and financial backing of startups in the agriculture and allied sectors.

Shiva Consultancy Group’s Role in the Agri-Startup Ecosystem

At Shiva Consultancy Group, we align ourselves with this transformative agenda, offering comprehensive support to agri-startups. Our services are designed to complement the efforts of the RKVY program, empowering entrepreneurs to navigate the complexities of the agriculture sector with ease and confidence.

Technical and Financial Assistance

We provide hands-on guidance to startups, helping them to secure technical and financial assistance. Our expertise in navigating government programs ensures that budding entrepreneurs can access the funds and knowledge necessary to scale their operations.

Training and Incubation

Leveraging our network of industry experts and academic institutions, we offer specialized training and incubation services. Our programs are tailored to the unique needs of agri-startups, encompassing everything from product development to market entry strategies.

Market Access and Networking

Understanding the importance of market access, we facilitate connections between startups and the broader agriculture ecosystem. This includes linking entrepreneurs with potential investors, buyers, and other stakeholders critical to their growth.

Policy Advocacy

We advocate for policies that create a more favorable environment for agri-startups. By engaging with policymakers, we aim to ensure that the voices of entrepreneurs are heard, and their needs are addressed.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

A noteworthy aspect of the RKVY program is its emphasis on supporting women-led startups. With 387 women-led ventures already benefiting from the initiative, Shiva Consultancy Group is particularly focused on empowering female entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector. We believe that supporting women in agribusiness is key to achieving sustainable development and gender equality.

A Future Fueled by Innovation

The success of the RKVY program, with over 1554 agri-startups supported and a financial outlay of Rs. 111.57 crores, is just the beginning. The inclusion of startups in the โ€œAgriculture Infrastructure Fundโ€ scheme further underscores the government’s holistic approach to fostering innovation in agriculture.

At Shiva Consultancy Group, we are committed to playing an integral role in this journey. By offering tailored support to agri-startups, we aim to catalyze the growth of an ecosystem where innovation thrives, and sustainable agriculture practices are the norm.

Together, we can transform the agriculture sector into a beacon of innovation and sustainability, ensuring food security and prosperity for future generations.

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Let’s sow the seeds of innovation and harvest a future of abundance and sustainability.

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